Presenting Vanity

A True High Resolution Digital Output

Ever wished to feed your High End DAC with truly high resolution signal source instead of the quarter century old digital audio standard? Ever wondered how impressive would todays state-of-the-art SACD and DVD-Audio recordings really sound played through your DAC? Ever wished your CDs to sound more natural and less 'Digital'? We had...

The Vanity is an upgrade module that transforms any suitable CD / SACD / DVD-Audio player into a high resolution digital audio transport compatible with any high end outboard DAC. Powered by a high performance Custom Digital Signal Processor with advanced algorithms for DSD to LPCM conversion and LPCM Upsampling and Decimation. Not only does it allow your DAC to take full advantage of the high resolution tracks on SACD and DVD-Audio discs, it also significantly improves the quality of regular CDs via advanced upsampling. See details.

Features & Specifications

  • High Resolution Digital Audio Output
    • protocol: S/PDIF (IEC958 / EIAJ CP1201)
    • type: reclocked transformer isolated 75Ω BNC Coaxial
    • format: linear PCM stereo
    • supported sampling rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz
    • supported bit depths: 16 / 24bit
  • High Quality Direct Stream Digital to Linear PCM Conversion
    • custom developed Zero Alias Linear Phase Filter
    • 37bit arithmetic / 47bit accumulator
    • output samplerates: 176.4kHz / 88.2kHz
  • High Quality LPCM Synchronous Upsampling and Decimation
    • custom developed Zero Alias Linear Phase Filter
    • 33bit arithmetic / 67bit accumulator
  • User Configurable Functionality
    • maximum output samplerate settings: 192kHz / 96kHz
    • maximum output bit depth settings: 24bit / 16bit
    • Zero Alias LPCM Upsampling enable / disable
    • 2 user selectable DSD to LPCM filter characteristics
    • 2 user selectable LPCM Upsampling filter characteristics