Vanity Support Page

Here you can find various information, documentation and updates regarding Vanity module.

Supported Players

Vanity has been developed with versatility in mind and as a result of that, we are able to support practically any digital audio player. We think though, that the best choice is a universal machine supporting all three major formats, giving you unparalleled freedom when shopping for music. Following is a list of universal players which we already support* or plan to support. Strike-through models were disqualified upon closer inspection for not meeting our technical criteria.

  • Pioneer
    • DV-45A*
    • DV-47Ai*
    • DV-59AVi*
    • DV-79AVi*
    • DV-AX10
    • DV-656A*
    • DV-668AV*
    • DV-747A*
    • DV-757Ai*
    • DV-755Ai*
    • DV-868AVi*
    • DV-969AVi*
    • DV-989AVi*
    • DV-LX50
    • DV-800AV
  • Denon
    • DVD-1400
    • DVD-756
    • DVD-1920
    • DVD-1930
    • DVD-2200*
    • DVD-2900*
    • DVD-955
    • DVD-2910
    • DVD-2930
    • DVD-3910
    • DVD-3930
    • DVD-5910
    • DVD-A11
    • DVD-A1XV
  • Marantz
    • DV7600
    • DV8300*
    • DV8400*
    • DV9500
    • DV9600

The player has to fulfill three basic requirements in order for us to successfully support it:

  • It has to work internally with raw DSD and do not convert it into PCM on it's own
  • The internal data paths have to be bit-accurate otherwise serious degradation of sound quality occurs
  • There has to be sufficient physical space in the player to fit the module itself

  • For proper functionality of reclocking the player must have masterclock equal to 512Fs. Third party master clock upgrades can help to meet this requirement.


Here you can find Settings Guide and Installation Guides for the most popular universal players.

The Vanity Module revision 1 - a high resolution product photo

The Vanity Module revision 2 - a high resolution product photo

Spectrum of converted DSD signal - a comparison of Vanity and DVD/SACD chipset

Vanity module installation guide for Pioneer DV-656A / DV-45A / DV-757Ai /
DV-755Ai / DV-47Ai

Vanity module installation guide for Pioneer DV-59AVi / DV-868AVI / DV-668AV

Vanity module installation guide for Pioneer DV-989AVi / DV-79AVi

Vanity module settings guide