Multi-channel amplitude analyzer for spectrometric measurements.


    One of our projects for radiation measurements is the MCA4k. It is a compact single-board analyzer that can process signals from spectrometric or scintillation probes. Its main advantage is high stability and ease of configuration and control. It has a built-in digital oscilloscope, 4 digital inputs and outputs and independent metering of the internal high voltage for detection probes.

    The analyzer is intended for industrial as well as laboratory measurements, where the main requirements are ease of use together with a high level of configurability of the analyzer algorithms.  The unit features a completely independent autonomous mode of operation, whereby the measurement is configured and started from a computer via the USB port. The unit can then be disconnected and left alone to collect and process the data. Later on, the computer can be connected again for data and results download.

Main Features:
  • ADC resolution: 12-bit (4096 channels)

  • Internal memory:  4096x32bit (>4Gimp/channel)

  • Sampling rate: 80MHz

  • Dead time: 24ns/impulse (forced)

  • Shortest processed impulse: 50ns

  • Internal HV generator: 0-1500V, max 1.3mA

  • Single-wire scintillation probe

  • Shaping constant 1us

  • Pole-zero compensation

  • Adjustable gain (x1, x1.25, x1.7, x2.5, x5)

  • Auxiliary input for external impulse signal 0-5V (1.3mV/channel)

  • USB 2.0 full speed for PC

  • 4x TTL input and 4x TTL output for general use

  • 3x LED indicator HV


    The unit is supplied with a software package for basic spectrometric measurements.

  • Configurable measurement time, HV, number of channels

  • Spectrometric amplitude analyzer

  • Digital oscilloscope

  • Detector plateau measurement

  • Dead time correction

  • Pile-up rejector

  • Energetic calibration (up to 6 points)

  • Export and import of unit settings

  • Source code available

    The MCA4k unit is in production and shipping.  Should you are interested in this product, please send us your inquiry.