About Us


    Audiopraise is a limited company, solely owned by its directors. The business is based in Rosice in the Czech Republic and registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Brno, file number C 106380. The company is VAT registered.

Our Mission

    Our aim is to provide highly professional, yet affordable consultancy services in electronics design and manufacturing. We believe that we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in various areas that can help others to design unique products or address their engineering challenges quicker and more efficiently. Due to our exposure to design practices from various industries such as Audio, Broadcast, Railways, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial Automation and others, we can apply a cross-industry innovative approach to find unusual solutions to unusual problems.


    The history of Audiopraise started around 2003, when its founders were studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague. At that time they began exploring the sonic differences between capacitors, operational amplifiers, oscillators and other parts used in audio circuits and loudspeakers. Just like any other audio enthusiasts with knowledge of electronics, trying to understand what is going on under the hood of consumer audio gear.  At this stage they also started using FPGA devices to implement algorithms for digital audio signal processing and interfacing - digital filters, modulators, protocol encoders and decoders. This newly gained experience was then used in modifying and upgrading off-the-shelf consumer audio electronics to achieve better sound and measured parameters with own analogue and digital circuits. This activity turned out to be an exciting and financially viable hobby.

    After industrial experiences in China, Belgium and the Czech Republic and quite a few special audio and industrial control projects later, the founders, to date operating as sole traders, decided to incorporate Audiopraise in early 2014. What used to be a small hobby became a much more serious business with many returning customers. Since then the company has been organically growing, year on year.

Audiopraise Today

    At the present time, Audiopraise is an established organization with a (hopefully :-) ) excellent reputation. We have helped many customers to finish off their products or add key features to the existing ones. We have also built a portfolio of IP cores and functional blocks for the FPGA platform which can further accelerate development and shorten valuable time-to-market. Our technological speciality is digital-to-analogue conversion, which is a mixed signal discipline, where all the real-world imperfections play a significant role. Although audio is very close to our hearts, we are more than happy to face design challenges typical for many other industries.  

    Going forward, our focus is to keep developing the existing relationships with customers and partners and let new customers experience our first-class services. And all that with the same enthusiasm and passion we had when Audiopraise was just a weekend hobby.