The projects we have successfully completed and delivered are the best proof of the skills and experience we are so proud of. You will find details of our work here, grouped as Internal and External projects.

    Internal projects are our own designs or products, which have been created for our own use or to prove and demonstrate certain technology.

    External projects are our consultancy-based work for business customers.

Internal projects

  • VanityPRO

    Multi-channel HDMI Digital Audio Extractor with DSD Processing


    Evaluation and development board with FPGA, XMOS and various digital audio IOs.

  • CZAP

    Reference class DAC platform with advanced signal processing and hybrid volume control.

  • Avarice

    De-jittering and up-sampling unit.

  • Nixie Tube Clock

    Nixie tube clock with temperature and radiation metering.

  • Sonore

    HDCD Decoder

  • H2i

    Measurement - the source of all innovation.

  • APL Hi-Fi

    Unique and individually handcrafted High-End audio products.

  • Headless Ghost

    A display emulator for digital video interfaces that fits discreetly into your computer.