Evaluation and development board with FPGA, XMOS and various digital audio IOs.


    One of our latest projects is a board that packs all the common digital audio inputs and outputs with a large FPGA in between. Its purpose is to easily evaluate our FPGA IP cores and custom algorithms using a stand-alone platform. Apart from the FPGA, there is also an XMOS processor for USB audio, our digital clock recovery DBLL circuit with two low noise audio oscillators, HDMI audio input and also an analogue output from a discrete 1-bit D-A converter with headphones amplifier and volume control.

    The FPGA in between the inputs and outputs can run any kind of processing - input signal decoding, up-sampling, down-sampling, filtering, format conversion, sigma-delta or PWM modulators, etc. Although designed primarily as a development tool, the board could easily work as a high-end DAC front end as well.

The board at a glance:
  • Spartan 6 FPGA in FT256 package

  • XU216 XMOS processor for USB Audio

  • HDMI Audio IN & OUT

  • AES/EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK, I2S/PCM, DSD inputs and outputs

  • 2x low jitter oscillator for clock recovery

  • Fully differential latched 1-bit DAC

  • Headphones output with volume control for monitoring

  • LED meters for basic signal diagnostics

  • USB UART for diagnostics and control

Detailed specifications are coming soon.