In addition to larger scale projects, such as the EVB, from time to time we find a little bit of spare time to design something nice for ourselves, just for the fun of it. This is not to say that working on external commercial projects would be boring, not at all. It is rather like taking some time off to do whatever we want. If we manage to combine a technology demonstration unit with a useful addition to our home Hi-Fi system, even better. All this helps us to stay playful, innovative and creative, and the experimental work of this kind is often the seed of great ideas used in the larger commercial projects.


    Evaluation and development board with FPGA, XMOS and various digital audio IOs.

  • CZAP

    Reference class DAC platform with advanced signal processing and hybrid volume control.

  • Nixie Tube Clock

    Nixie tube clock with temperature and radiation metering.

  • MCA4k

    Multi-channel amplitude analyzer for spectrometric measurements.

  • Avarice

    De-jittering and up-sampling unit.