Ultra-Low-Noise Linear Power Supply 


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    The VanityPSU is a very low-noise linear power supply designed specifically for the VanityPRO, but it can be used as a universal power supply too. It has three independent power rails, two with 5V and one with 12V outputs. Each 5V rail has two USB connectors USB-A and USB-C and each connector has its own secondary regulator. The 12V output has standard 2.1mm DC jack. All outputs are fully protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit. It comes in an enclosure design-matched to the VanityPRO.

    The unique feature of our power supply is two stage linear regulation and each output regulated separately. Both regulator stages are discrete designs, with the second one being extremely low-noise, not seen in stand-alone power supplies before.

    If used to power the Vanity
PRO, the additional 5V outputs can be used to power other HDMI devices such as splitters or selectors, while the 12V output can power a DAC, network switch or other equipment requiring clean 12V power input.

    The AC input can be easily switched between 230V and 115V mains voltage. Last but not least, the brightness of the front panel LED can be manually adjusted to match indicators of other equipment.

  • Fully discrete low-noise regulator design

  • Two stage linear regulation

  • Over 50 000uF of combined filtering capacitance

  • Three independent galvanically isolated power rails

  • 5 DC outputs in total

  • AC voltage selector for global voltage compatibility

  • Brightness-adjustable LED indicator

Linear Power Supply

    When designing the VanityPRO, we decided to use external 5V power for various reasons: To give the user freedom of choice of an external power supply, keep the weight and costs down and maintain reasonable enclosure size. There are many different 5V power supplies in the market, from cheap 5V USB adapters and phone chargers to sophisticated and expensive High-End power supplies, with not that many options in between. We have been having many users of the VanityPRO asking for a power supply recommendation, and we thought it would be a good idea to design one ourselves. 

And here it is!

    Built around our discretely designed regulators and packed in a design-matched case, this fully linear power supply has the ultimate goal of delivering the cleanest possible power for the VanityPRO. Although switching power supplies are small, compact, and relatively high power, they still produce a fair amount of switching noise, which can pollute not only the powered equipment, but also the mains in the other direction or both. This is where a linear power supply can make a massive difference in percieved audio quality.