General Electronics

    Electronics is getting easier and more difficult to design at the same time. Component and system manufacturers offer advanced tools to make the design process quicker and easier by automating a lot of calculations, safeguarding the correct operating conditions etc. On the other hand, ICs tend to integrate more functionality and peripherals than ever before and detailed knowledge of a component’s internal structure and operations is absolutely essential.

  • Schematics design and PCB layout

  • Production manufacturing supervision

  • Test engineering

  • Electrical and acoustical measurements

    We offer design services for schematics and PCB layout using best practices in the industry and vast experience with multi-layer boards. We are proficient with Autodesk Eagle and Altium Designer packages.

    We can get your PCB prototypes manufactured and we can also supervise your mass production. We know in detail all manufacturing technologies and processes in the IPC-A-610 Class 3 certified environment.

    Our background in test engineering allows us to either design a test system for your product with maximum coverage or design the product with production testing in mind. We use modern test equipment to take reliable electrical and acoustical measurements. Having the right tools for the job is essential. We are not big fans of the trial & error design methodology :-).