Signal Integrity

    With the onset of faster switching times in modern digital circuits, even relatively simple designs may experience signal integrity issues caused by impedance mismatch, crosstalk, timing and EMC. What once used to be ones and zeros became a proper RF electronics with tight design rules and high level of expertise required to make it work.

  • Design reviews

  • High-speed communication

  • High reliability

    Most of the design issues can be spotted on the schematics or layout level even before a PCB gets manufactured. Common issues are missing termination, incorrect trace impedance, broken power and ground planes and sub-optimal component placement. We can review your design to increase the chances that it works flawlessly when switched on first time.

    There are very tight rules when it comes to high speed serial communication and data transfer. All impedances down the line must be tightly controlled within the equivalent signal bandwidth. Some imperfections can be mitigated by equalizing/pre-distorting the signal waveform, but it is always better to get things right at the design stage.

    High reliability is quite a special discipline to make sure that fault opportunities of a design are minimized and special manufacturing methods may be required.