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The VanityPRO has a number of features that makes the product trully unique. 

Galvanically Isolated HDMI Interface

    VanityPRO galvanically isolates the HDMI part from the sensitive audio and clock circuits to eliminate any noise and interferences associated with video transmission and HDMI signalling. Both isolated parts have their own power connections.

Galvanic barrier

Configurable Output Module

    For maximum flexibility, the VanityPRO features an interchangeable output module with various configurations of the output connectors. There are 4 options in total, covering 1 stereo and 3 multichannel configurations with RCA, BNC and XLR connectors.

8channel    Stereo

Advanced Jitter Attenuation

    To deal with one of the major technical imperfections of the HDMI interface, the VanityPRO uses a pair of low-jitter digitally controlled oscillators and an adaptive control algorithm to lock onto the incoming audio frequency and output the audio data with perfect timing, completely free of any jitter or noise of the HDMI interface.


    Audio data from the HDMI interface is buffered in FIFO memory and clocked out with local high precision oscillators. As a result, the output signal is completely isolated from the noisy HDMI domain - interferences from the power supplies, video circuits, etc.

 Effectiveness of the clock recovery system can be seen in the two oscilloscope waveforms above. There are waveforms with persistence enabled of the output S/PDIF signal – from a generic HDMI extractor on the left and the VanityPRO on the right. The time base is delayed by 10ms to show accumulated phase noise using the colour grade. The difference in signal edge timing and definition can be clearly seen.

    Our own analysis of HDMI Audio jitter, measurements and comparison with other digital audio devices can be found in an article available online or in PDF format.

High Quality DSD to PCM Conversion

    The custom DSD to PCM conversion algorithm preserves maximum quality of high definition SACD recordings. All unwanted ultrasonic noise is attenuated without affecting the audio signal. The user can choose from four conversion characteristics. The VanityPRO implements also DSD down-mix algorithm to cover widely used 4.0 speaker configuration in the maximum quality. 

DoP Output Mode

    The VanityPRO can be also set to output DSD signal in so called DoP format (DSD Over PCM). This allows the user to send raw DSD material directly to a DoP compatible DAC. More details can be found here:

Synchronization Outputs

    For enhanced clocking capabilities, the VanityPRO has a Word-clock and Super-clock
outputs to synchronize DACs or other hi-fi or studio equipment.

Graphical User Interface

    The user interaface is implemented using a large RGB screen with adjustable brightness and timeout function and a rotary encoder. All audio processing parameters and system configuration are available via easy to navigate menu. There is also a stand-by LED in the front panel with adjustable brightness.